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What is www.AyitiMusic.com?

This is an entertainment music site dedicated to the culture of Haitian music from all over the world. Founded February 8, 2017 as a blog By Mathieu Amazan Aka. Black 45 King,
AyitiMusic has grown to become one of the leading IHM websites in the country. Premiering and promoting new artists from all walks of life, the
AyitiMusic aims to be your # 1 source for new and upcoming Haitian music and news, and the world of Latin / American Caribbean music. & Worldwide.

The website was officially launched as www.AyitiMusic.com on July 26, 2018 with the sole concern of revolutionizing culture in Haiti and in the world specifically the Haitian music market online. For the moment, only the music section is active. The fun section is almost ready. As and when, we will end up having all the other active sections, sports, tourism etc. ….

The objectives of www.AyitiMusic.com

Giving a better image to Haitian groups and artists and urban Latin and emerica Caribbean.
Establish a new way to sell the music of Haitian artists and capitalize on a new online electronic sales method in Haiti and Latin urban and emerica Caribbean.
Create a real online market for the Haitian public and Latin urban and emerica Caribbean.
Facilitate the connection between the group or the artist with his audience.
Find a way to balance the audience or the online market with the real market
Look for budding talents, support them to lead them to their confirmation
Our vision

Make Haiti a talent research center so as to develop a certain interaction with the Caribbean music market in order to have more performances and find a certain emergence in the international musical market and in the world

Our services

AyitiMusic, com offers Internet users the possibility:

to listen to the official and live songs of Haitian bands and artists and latin urban and emerica Caribbean. with option of paid or free downloads depending on what the author of the song wants whatever device is used.
Watch official and live videos of Haitian bands and artists and urban Latin and Caribbean emerica. with the option of downloads regardless of the device used.
To stay in touch with everything that happens in the Haitian music industry and latin urban and emerica Caribbean. via Ayiti Events +, a weekly cultural magazine that can be read online or downloaded from www.AyitiMusic.com.
Download the wallpapers of Haitian artists. and Latin urban and emerica Caribbean.
To know the activities of the different personalities of the Haitian music and in the world. (Artists, Producers, Promoters, Animators) through our series of interviews.
To know the different events and appointments, evenings and concerts via our section Event
To encourage competition between groups and artists, between songs through our different rankings: Ayiti Music Semen nan (Music of the Week), Ayiti Music Mwa (Music of the Month) and Ayiti Music Années (Music of the year) .

Sign By Mathieu Amazan Aka. Black 45 King,
Owner / Founder / President / CEO Of AyitiMusic.Com